Getting fit for the Bedroom

Smiling couple in pajamas playing in bed

Every woman deserves to feel sexy every single time she steps into the bedroom with her lover. Of course, being a housewife or stay at home mom or full time career woman makes this difficult at times. Whether it is your concerns over your overall appearance, feeling weird in sexy lingerie, or the need to work out some of your private areas this article has you covered!

Let’s get down to it; men love a confident woman in the bedroom. He wants you to let down your inhibitions and show your wild side. Sometimes things get in the way of that and in turn you are losing out on some great sex. Here are a few helpful ways to help you get fit for the bedroom.

Find whats beautiful: The biggest worry for women in the bedroom is their body. Ladies, stop thinking you are too fat or look to weird in sexy lingerie! Instead of crash diets or covering yourself up during sex try the opposite approach. Stand in a full length mirror and write down all of your sexy attributes. Have a great set of boobs? Mark it down! Do your legs go on for miles? Are your eyes so piercing that they make men melt? Is your booty so amazing that it stops traffic? Go from head to toe and mark down everything you find sexy. Ignore the stuff you do not like and concentrate on your hotness. Then play up those attributes. Lingerie has come a very long way from the plain old teddy. Hit the store and try on different things to accentuate your highlights. Do you feel odd in lingerie? That is just one more reason for you to go get some! Imagine the look on your lovers face when you walk in with something alluring on that they have never seen you in? Get ready to be ravished!

Get some kegal balls: Another way to get fit for the bedroom is to do some exercises to keep your lady parts in shape. Kegel exercises are the number one thing ladies can do to keep their vagina in shape. These exercises are very easy to do and you can do them anywhere anytime. Just squeeze your vaginal muscles in a pulsating fashion. Also, go to the adult store and in the sex toy section you will find kegal balls. Put these inside your vagina and squeeze it to hold them in place. It will take the boredom out of the regular kegal workouts. Plus some kegal balls vibrate; added pleasure for you! Look around your bedroom at some of the other sex toys you have and see what you can use as a workout. The sex pillow is great for working out your abs and booty. Use your imagination and get fit for the bedroom!

The bottom line is confidence leads to mind blowing sex and as a vixen you deserve that! Whether you need to get fit mentally or physically this article provides some helpful hints. Make yourself a priority when it comes to sexual satisfaction and you will not be disappointed.


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