Fun Party Ideas Just for the Ladies

Pink cocktail, bunny ears and L plate on bar

So you and your girlfriends have decided to have a wild and crazy night out right? Now comes the fun part; party ideas! Ladies face it, you lead very busy lives and deserve some time to let your hair down and go crazy! Get your girlfriends together and read on because here are some great fun parties for the ladies only!

Every woman wants to throw a party she is remembered for right? It can be a bridal shower, baby shower, a dinner party, or even just a basic barbeque. Why should this girls only party be any different? It shouldn’t! Not only are the following ideas fun but they are budget friendly as well. Who doesn’t love a deal? Check out some of these party ideas and start planning.

Sex Toy/Lingerie Party

These days many women are selling sex toys on the side for extra money and if you ask around you will find someone if you don’t know anyone personally. Or you can go to a site and just book it. Have the ladies over for some food and cocktails and have a toy party! The seller will have lots of fun games for you to play during the presentation and you can share stories about sex adventures. Make it even more girlie and have everyone wear their lingerie for the night!

Rent a Party Bus

This is a great idea for a night on the town. The typical party bus runs about $300 for 6 hours and they vary in size. You can get a bus for up to 30 people. Almost all party buses have big screen tv’s, a slamming sound system for music, a bar, and yes a stripper pole! Take the bus for a night and hit up all the dance clubs or just ride around the town and party inside the bus. The best part is you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Some companies will even decorate the bus inside for you if it is for a special occasion.

Strip Clubs

A time honored tradition for both men and women but you can never go wrong if you want a great girls night out! Take turns going from male clubs to female clubs (if everyone is comfortable) and watch them shale their money makers. Be prepared for the usual two drink minimum at each club though if you plan to go club hopping. Strip club hopping can be more fun but it is more expensive due to the entrance fee and drink minimums. Talk it over with your gal pals and see what works best for everyone budget.


Not everyone may be in a crazy party mood and would prefer a more relaxed get together. An afternoon of ladies pampering may be just what you need. The great thing about this idea is that you can find excellent discounts to local spas. It doesn’t even have to be anything extravagant; maybe a facial and body massage for the group as you all lay and chat. Another idea is to check out the salons and see if there are discounts for hair/nails.

Pampering (Kinky Version)

Not many women know this, but there are companies out there who will send the SEXIEST men to your home for massages. No these are not male escort services or anything like that; just hot men who will pamper you through massage. Get the ladies together and order some of these men to come over for some rub downs. They will also feed you chocolate covered strawberries if you ask politely!

Now that you are armed with some great ideas for a ladies only party there is only one thing left to do; go party!



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