Sex Toys for Women

Woman peering out from underneath duvet

There are a lot more sex toys for women than there are for women. Some women may take offense to this but I say – “hey, all the better for us!”

Vibrators are the most common sex toy for women of all ages for one simple reason it gets the job done. If you are a little more daring or looking for a little more excitement in your sex toys then let’s look at some unique sex toys for women.

We have the G-spot sex toy which hits the spot every time!  How about a vibrator with a mini clit vibrator attached, and of course, we cannot forget the dildos, for these have been around forever and were probably the first sex toy ever invented.

Perhaps you want a sex toy that provides a lot of action – a 15-speed super rabbit vibrator – This baby massages your clit, while rotating inside your vagina while the beads spin around and massage your vaginal lips.  You have several speeds to choose from –  slow to OMG! Last but not least in the vibrator family is the curved pulsating vibrator it is flexible and easy to manipulate.

Next, is the harness with stud, for those of you who do not know what this is – it is a strap on dildo that comes with a stud or rather a base (appearance of the mid to lower torso) to attach the strap on dildo too.

When can have a lot of fun with sex toys by themselves or with their partners, release your fears and embaresment and embrace your sexuality.

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