Traveling With Toys


We’ve all heard the horror stories. Someone was at the airport, minding their own business and politely moving through the security check points. Their carryon bag is run through the x-ray scanner and a guard notices something ‘suspicious’. Soon the bag is marked for inspection, the owner is escorted to the side area and a stranger pulls out her vibrator for all of the world to see. The officer is never discrete and never seems to know what it is he’s holding in his hands. He waves it around in confusion and maybe even turns it on, or asks another officer to join him in the inspection. In other stories the vibrator gets turned on while still in the carryon and causes the entire bag to dance across the conveyor belt. I’m sure all of these stories have actually happened at one time or another and though I’ve never witnessed any of them myself the idea of any of the above happening to me is enough to rethink traveling with my vibrator. If you take a couple of precautions, however, you can avoid the embarrassment of having your toy discovered while traveling.

First of all there is absolutely no reason you should ever stow your vibrator or dildo in your purse when you know you’re going to have to pass through airport security. The officers almost always glance through purses whether anything suspicious shows up on the scanner or not. They’re easy to open and shuffle through and, especially if you’re traveling in the United States, the officers are anxious to glance through them looking for makeup, perfume and any other liquid or semi liquid item that’s over three ounces and not in a quart sized plastic bag. Keep this in mind if you’re taking lube on your trip. Whether it’s in your purse or your carryon bag if it’s over three ounces and going through the security check point IT MUST BE IN A QUART SIZED PLASTIC BAG! Those officers mean business and if they find anything isn’t in compliance with the rules they will confiscate it. You will never see it again.  (This situation I do have personal experience in!)

The easiest way to travel with your toys is to simply pack them in your checked baggage. There’s always the chance that you will arrive at your destination to find the little tag attached to your luggage informing you that your bag was searched. That means that someone saw your toy. The idea is embarrassing, I know, but at least you weren’t there when it happened. Give the toy a good wash and forget it happened.

If you aren’t checking any baggage but you’d still like to bring a little extra pleasure on your trip the best option to save yourself any embarrassing encounters in the security line is a personal massager like the Medisil Magic Touch []. Personal massagers are super discrete because they look like something you’d use on sore muscles. While they work great for that as well they’re specially designed to give you a powerful orgasm. Most have a power cord so you don’t have to worry about your toy accidentally being turned on in your bag. And if anyone pulls it out for inspection you can simply smile innocently and give your neck a little rub! Problem solved!


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