Spice Up Your Marriage With Pleasure and Pain


I’ve always been the type of woman who enjoys a little pain with my pleasure. I have a demanding job where I oversee 34 other employees. After a long day at work telling other people what to do, I like to come home and let someone else take control.

I know a lot of people have preconceived notions about the world of BDSM. They think it’s all about humiliation and one partner inflicting pain on the other. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I enjoy being dominated because I don’t have to think about what’s coming next. I’m much more aroused by having my husband tell me exactly what to do instead of having to be the boss in my bedroom as well as at work. In fact, since we’ve experimented more with the roles of dominant and submissive the intimacy between my husband and I has only deepened.

I was the one who introduced the idea of exploring BDSM in our bedroom. We’d always enjoyed roll playing games and played with feathers, clamps, hand cuffs and other light bondage toys. The more we experimented the more we both enjoyed it and we slowly worked our way up to more advanced BDSM activities. There are a wide variety of toys and accessories to aide in BDSM play and we steadily built a large collection of our own. By far our favourite is the Fetish Fantasy Purple Cheetah Bondage Kit . It combines all of the best BDSM toys for a fulfilling dominant submissive experience. The wrist and ankle cuffs allow my husband to put me into whichever position he’d like, the velvet lined paddle offers the perfect combination of rough and soft for excellent spankings, the collar and nylon leash are perfect for my husband to lead me to wherever he’d like to make love next and the soft blindfold keeps me guessing about what’s to come! I get tingly all over the moment my husband suggests we pull out our favourite toys!

Many people don’t understand the appeal of extreme bondage play. To understand the draw you must understand the rules. My husband and I always discuss what kind of play we have in mind before we begin to undress. He asks what kind of mood I’m in and which toys I’d like to use that night. We have an assigned safe word in case anything becomes too overwhelming for either of us. I never feel degraded or abused during our sessions; in fact I feel loved and appreciated. What we do is just as much for my pleasure as it is his, if not more so. He enjoys being able to take control and I enjoy pleasing him.

We don’t use BDSM techniques every time we make love; we often have sex without any kind of toys whatsoever. Our bondage play just offers another layer to our amazing, multifaceted love life. If trying out BDSM is something you’re interested in there are many beginner toys available to start you on your path to a rewarding and exciting sexual experience!


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