An Older Man’s tips for dating an Older Man

imagesA letter from Richard 

So you want tips on dating an older man ,eh? Well as an older man I figure I’d be the best person to ask for them. So I’ll speak in generalities and give you broad stroke tips to keeping your relationship with a geezer on the up and up.

First of all, don’t bring up our age all the time. If you’re so worried about it that you have to talk about it 5 times a day just go get a younger man. Also, don’t bring up your age all the time.

However, if it happens that the age difference comes up have a sense of humor. I had a really strong connection with a younger woman (a few girlfriends ago) and I asked her if she remembered the gas station lines of the 1979 oil crisis. She did not. She had not been born yet. She said she could text her mom and ask though, and we had a pretty good laugh about that.

Realize that we aren’t as jealous as younger men. A lot of younger ladies seem to think that a lunch date with a male co worker is going to start a fight. We’ve probably been married before, so you’re going to have to do better than that to start a fight.

Try not to start a fight though, keep a mature attitude and find mutual interests (this should be a rule for any relationship) and you’ll do great with your older man.

Confidence Booster: Get comfortable with your body and sex – try reading some of these books to help empower you in a relationship with an older man




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