Keeping the Passion Between the Sheets


If you want to ensure that your bedroom is a place where you can explore your passions whenever you’re in the mood there are a couple of things that you need to avoid.  These are some simple things that many couples do, or forget to do, in the bedroom that can kill the mood instantly.

Get rid of the TV

That television you thought was such a great idea for the bedroom?  It’s not.  While you may spend some of that time snuggling up to your partner while you watch late night television, studies have found that couples with a set in their bedroom were only having half as much sex as those without. The study also found that watching violent shows was a turn off for half of all couples, while reality tv killed the sex drive of a third of couples.  An easy solution is at hand though-keep the tv in the living room or leave it turned off at night before bed.

Brush your teeth

Nothing is a bigger turn-off than kissing a lover with nasty breath.  It’s a matter of basic hygiene and a matter or courtesy to have fresh breath in the bedroom. Brushing your teeth before you jump between the sheets ensures that you’ll have kissably fresh breath, and be getting rid of harmful bacteria in the process.  Try adding a tongue cleaner to your nightly routine and make sure that there’s no nasty film lying over your tongue too, your partner will appreciate the effort. Try popping a fun mint like these Oralove IntiMints, (, before bed and not only will you have minty fresh breath, but you can have some fun with it too.

No farting in bed

To women this is a no brainer, but for many men there’s nothing funnier and more natural than letting one rip.  Making a Dutch oven for your partner is never going to be romantic, so have a little consideration and leave the gas in the bathroom.  No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s not likely that farting in bed will be a turn on. You wouldn’t do it with a new lover, so have some consideration and make the effort to hold it in, or excuse yourself to another room.

Ditch the flannel pj’s

Those flannel jammies might keep your warm on a cold night, but they’re not going to get anyone in the mood.  And wearing an old t-shirt doesn’t cut it either.  Don’t let your attire stop you from getting frisky, there are plenty of options out there that are comfortable and sexy too.  Browse through the collections at for a selection that has a lot of variety, with a large range of plus sizes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look enticing; try a babydoll nightie or a simple satin robe. Making an effort and dressing up for bed is a good way to get yourself and your lover in the mood and boost your confidence-which always leads to great sex.

So if you want to ensure that the passion stays between the sheets in your bedroom, make sure you turn the TV off, freshen your breath, stop farting, and get rid of those unsexy pj’s. A little effort in the bedroom goes a long way and is most often rewarded by the partner that no longer needs to wear a gas mask to go to sleep.


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