When to Give a Sex Toy as a Gift


When you’re in a relationship, new or old, a sex toy can be a fun gift that you can both share.  However making the decision whether or not to give someone an adult toy is based on several factors, and if you choose wrong, it could signal the end of your relationship, or at least an awkward moment.  Consider these factors when deciding if a sex toy is the right gift for your lover:

Consider the length of your relationship

If you have just started dating, then put an end to any thoughts of sex toys.  Giving a gift of pleasure might seem like a good idea, but a sex toy is an extremely intimate gift, and can seem like you are coming on pretty strong.  Better to hold off and get to know each other a bit better.  If you are in a long term relationship then this type of personal gift is definitely allowable.

The type of sex you usually enjoy together

If you and your partner already enjoy using toys together, then giving a gift of an adult toy will seem natural and a fun addition to your play.  However, if you are not a couple that has used any toys together before, then suddenly presenting them with something expensive and complicated might send the wrong message.  Same goes with trying out a toy that is completely different from something you are already used to.  For example, if you and your lover have only played with vibrators during sex, buying them a leather flogger might not be the best idea.

Remember it’s about them, not you

Remember that this is a gift for your lover, not for you.  So if you are really into having a sexy nurse tend to your every need that is fine, but if it is not her fantasy don’t go buying her a nurse’s outfit.  If she has been fantasizing about a threesome with another man, try a dildo or a plug, or a toy that is just for her. Show your partner that you are thinking about their needs and chances are much better that they will not only love their gift, but let you play with it too.

Do not embarrass your partner with an inappropriate gift.

It’s easy to give a gift normally that isn’t quite appropriate, but when you’re choosing a sex toy or sexy lingerie, it’s fairly easy to do.  With lingerie it’s important to find the right size, because nothing is worse than giving a woman something that is sizes too small. And if it’s a toy, then make sure it’s something that they won’t be too embarrassed to use in front of you.  Unless they have a specific fetish, go for something simple and quality made.  Rechargeable toys are nice because there isn’t any extra cost, and waterproof toys are fun to use all over the house.

When it comes to giving a gift to your lover, choosing whether or not to give them a fun and sexy toy can be a difficult decision. Use sound judgement, and save yourself from any embarrassing and awkward situations be following these rules.  Take your time, and look through a reliable site like ST247 to find something appropriate, and aimed at your lovers pleasure.  Save yourself the embarrassment of giving a totally inappropriate gift to your partner and make the right decision about gifting them with an adult toy.


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