How to survive a long distance relationship

man-in-bed-laptopYou finally found the perfect guy, now circumstances dictate a separation.  When life gives you an opportunity that you must follow, sometimes you need to leave a loved one behind, and keeping up over a long distance can be difficult and a strain on even the most solid of relationships.  But there are steps you can take to ensure that your relationship can stand the distance and come out stronger than before.

First, keep in contact, but not too much contact.  In this world of constant texting, Instagram, and social media, it’s easy to keep your lover updated on your every move.  But when you do that it means that at the end of the day when you finally get to hear their voice you’re left with nothing to talk about.  There’s nothing worse than waiting all day to talk to a loved one and then having nothing left to say.

When you can’t be there with them, send them a token as a surprise in the mail.  Anything that reminds them of you will do.  A postcard that you picked up from the café you two like to get coffee from, an extra toothbrush because you know he’ll forget to buy one, or a book you think he’ll like.  Or you could be a little daring and order him a sex toy like a Fleshlight  – click here,directly to his address so he won’t be tempted to stray while away.

Make sure that you set dates for trips to meet up and spend some romantic time alone together if possible.  When you’re separated by a couple hours of drive try picking a spot halfway and meeting up for a weekend getaway. If the distance is too great, try being creative with Skype or Facetime.  There are all sorts of things that you can do, like cook the same meal and eat it together, play a game of strip poker, or have some hot online sex with each other. The technology is there for a reason, and seeing their face while you talk can be a big boost to your morale when you’re really missing them.  Set up a weekly date where you do something special together on Skype, or even just watch your favourite show together.

Keep the sexiness in your relationship by learning how to talk dirty.  You may not be available to touch, but you can at least remind him how sexy you are. Send him some dirty texts throughout the day to let him know you’re thinking about him and how much you’re truly missing him.

When your boyfriend has to live far away from you, the distance can sometimes suck the fun and intimacy out of the relationship. Keep in touch and make sure to have time for your guy, and remind him how sexy and hot you are, waiting back home for him. And while he’s gone, don’t just wait around for him; live your life to the fullest and enjoy yourself, trying to keep a positive outlook on the entire situation.



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